Frustrated, impatient, annoyed, prideful, arrogant, irritated, exasperated, mad, haughty, anxious, stressed, intolerant… these are all descendants of anger. If you’ve felt any of these, and we all have, almost daily I’d suppose, then you are dealing with anger. And yes, anger is a sin.

Many women I know struggle with anger. I’ve heard them try to excuse their outbursts by staying, “I have a chemical imbalance.”

I struggled with anger for my whole life. There isn’t a home I’ve lived in that didn’t get a hole in one of the walls from one of my outbursts. But get this… I was doing it to myself, albeit unintentionally. I found out later in life that the cause of my chemical imbalance, that caused such major bouts of rage, was my simple consumption of gluten. I now stay away from it like the plague. Knowing that it causes this chemical imbalance and then intentionally eating it is now the sin because I am culpable in the knowledge of what it does to me.

Food is a real issue that many women are unwilling to address. Their emotional distress of depression, anger, and even emotional martyrdom, are all areas that the devil has a hook in. Find out what you are eating that may be satan’s hook. Here are a few common ones:

Coffee (caffeine)
Processed Sugar
Gluten (wheat)
Dairy (milk products)
Grains of any kind (some people cannot eat any grains at all)

If you don’t have actual mental illness or head trauma (from injury or ptsd), and want to get a handle on the area of anger in your life, then dig in and do the hard work. Find out what you are poisoning your system with.

I can tell you it is the best thing you will do this season! Don’t allow Satan to hook you any longer. There is freedom in Christ and sadly many of us still believe the lies Satan has whispered to us that there is no hope. Believe there is hope and that your sin of anger is healable, but God may be waiting for you to realize your part in your over indulgence. Blessings sisters!

Note on mental illness: I know many of you have family or yourself who struggle with mental illness. I’m not a doctor, but there are countless stories and studies on how good effects mental illness even in elderly patience. My personal friends who struggle with mental illness and depression all day that when they eat really clean they are symptom free. I only want to encourage you to find the source of the hook and eliminated it. “If your eye causes you to sin, cut it out.” So in the same way, if a food item is causing you to sin, cut it out!

I love watching period shows with kings, queens, and warriors. I am significant because I am the daughter of the King. I have been acting like the bratty, entitled, know-it-all princess when my calling is humility, kindness, and love toward the King’s subjects.

What idol have you been shown and are working on? What challenges has it presented? 

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