God’s Law – Is it written on your heart?

When I got saved it was then that I understood how God’s law was written on my heart. It was an odd and obvious sensation for me.

I was an excellent liar. I could not lie anymore. It was an intense tug on my heart when I tried. I’m jealous for Him and cringe when I hear someone take God’s name in vain. My family knows that saying “Oh my G – -“ is worse than any curse word they could ever use, so it’s banned in this home, even for others who enter.

Here’s the thing… we are human. We make mistakes. We aren’t always eager to read the Word. But God smiles at us even when we do it all the while dragging our feet.

When my son does the right thing and cleans his room, or does the dishes, it makes me happy, even though I know his heart may not be in it. I know it’s building his character. God knows we are being sanctified when we do as He commands.

Do you find it hard to do the right thing sometimes? Do you consider your needs and comfort above others? I know I’m guilty all the time. How can we strive to take all the commands of God seriously and genuinely fall in love with His law?