Addictions can leave you trapped in a rootball of anger. What comes to mind when you think of the word “addiction”? The obvious are smoking, drugs, and alcohol, but what about food, or relationships, or even our identity? Addictions can be to anything, but the real question is what happens to you when someone takes away your addiction?

In food we can be addicted to casseine in dairy, gluten in wheat, caffeine in drinks, processed sugar in everything, etc. The food addiction list can be long and try taking it away and you’ll see a physical reaction that will make you fiercely angry!

Addictions can also be seen in our relationships as codependency and even our identity based on someone or something else. Consider how women can be addicted to being a mom, or a wife, or a career woman, or someone who is a helper, or (fill in the blank). If that identity is threatened, look out!!

More insidious areas are in the addiction for control, entitlement, and people pleasing. They aren’t so blatant, but they pack a much greater punch when it comes to the anger trigger.

Addictions are everywhere and the real word for them is an idol. When an addiction (an idol) is threatened, we lash out in anger. The anger is often swift and can feel like it came out of nowhere. The next time you lash out in anger, ask yourself which of your idols has been stepped on and then figure out how you can break the addiction to that idol. Practice lengthening the time between the trigger and the response and ask if the response is worth the long term damage you may cause. Be blessed today!

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