No more hobbling

Forgive me for my ignorant arrogance. Open my mind today just a tad more. Please reveal to me more of who you are. My place is at your feet. My place is in your service. My place is at your command. I am yours. Forgive me for always trying to crawl and sneak my way up to sit on your thrown. Forgive me for trying to pick up your sword. Forgive me for my flesh that wants so badly to be in charge all the time. Forgive my lack of understanding. Forgive my lack of diligence in the things that matter. Forgive my weak flesh that so fully desires to control everything about me. Take my life in full. Don’t let me nit pick pieces of it back. I can feel myself amassing tiny particles of myself that is starting to become a substantial pile of self rubble. It is a mess really but my flesh loves to covet these little piles of selfish trash. Clean it up, take it away from me. My spirit wants no part of it. Detoxify my soul. Please Lord, forgive my incessant picking. The crack starts out small and I want it patched right away. Holy Spirit I don’t want to grieve you. I am sorry for that. I am so sorry for my pride. I am so sorry for how weak I am at times. Help me to be strong and diligent. I want to win the race, not hobble over the finish line.

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