Ignorant Arrogance

When I think about Your omnipotence it gives me great relief. But then I think about your great omnipotence in light of my own ignorant arrogance. Why are you so patient with me? Why are you not consuming me with fire like in Moses’ time? Unlike the people of that day, I do have the Spirit in me yet I am still so rotten at times if not always in your sight. How do I overcome this? Your blood has covered me but my soul is in constant battle with my flesh. Help me overcome my flesh! With you, everything is possible. With you there is nothing too hard. With you I can take my rest even for just a little while, while I wait in earnest for my eternal rest. Because you are omnipotent I find rest. You are rest. You take away my burdens because I know your plan is perfect. I know you are fully in control and there is nothing I can do to mess that up. The power you have is so great. Greater than we can even know or put a meter to. Your power is fully outside the definition of what power means to us. Our understanding is a shadow of what it is. Our understanding is continually bastardized and hijacked by our feeble minds. Help me to understand you just a little more today. Help me to lean more fully on your omnipotence. Help me to give up my ignorant arrogance and trust more completely in you today. You are my everything. You are my whole. You are my power.

One thought on “Ignorant Arrogance

  1. We are blessed not that we are good but that God is Good. May we pay His Grace, Mercy, Compassion, Patience, Love, and Forgiveness forward to all those who cross our path today and everyday. Thanks for sharing Jen

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