Removing Idols

I have been painfully working through some idols in my life over the past month – things I never knew were there. I have seen an idol of control be ripped from me and now I am doing painful heart work in that area. I’ve recently been shown an idol of significance. It’s my desire to be seen as significant and feel significant. It’s a form of people pleasing that has insidiously dug its claws into the fabric of my heart. My issue is how to remove it without completely going MIA online and neglecting my service projects? Changing my mind and removing this idol will take greater work and will be a longer process I’m sure.

I love watching period shows with kings, queens, and warriors. I am significant because I am the daughter of the King. I have been acting like the bratty, entitled, know-it-all princess when my calling is humility, kindness, and love toward the King’s subjects.

What idol have you been shown and are working on? What challenges has it presented? 

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