Book Club Session 1 Preview

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 8.08.50 AMThe Book Club Session One is today at 2pm pacific (3pm mountain, 4pm central, 5pm eastern) here on my author page:
I hope you can join us! You do not need to have the book to follow along. This is an 8 week series that you can also catch the replays on Facebook or on my website:
See you today at 2pm PST!
Here are some of the study guide questions if you do not have it so you can get a little prepared for today. You can download the first few chapters at
SESSION ONE (Introduction Questions)
1. What are the things outside of your normal bills that you like to spend your money on? Clothing, vacation, your kids? Take a quick look at your hobbies and pleasures in life that cost money and jot those down.
2. Would you consider yourself to be a people-pleaser? Why?
3. Do you find some of your value in helping others?
4. How do you feel when someone won’t let you help them?
5. Describe the last time you allowed someone to help you?
6. How did it make you feel to let someone help you?
7. How do you think it made the person who helped you feel?
8. Describe Generation Z? Do you know any?
9. How do you think God feels about Generation Z?
10. Share a time in your life when you got lost as a child? Describe how you felt.
11. Describe how you felt once you were found.

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