Colossians 1:17 Inductive Study

Colossians 1:17

Read all of Colossians, the entire short book, everyday before you dissect the daily verse or passage. Today’s passage is Colossians 1:17

Colossians 1:17 ESV

And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

CONTEXT – PAST: answer what this verse meant in context to the original recipients in the past.
Before all things could mean that he has priority in time or rank. The Greek word is not clear. But in all cases, this would not matter, because all things is all things whether that is time or rank or this world and universe. This is yet another bold statement by Paul. He does not mince words and wants to make sure the Colossians have a clear and solid foundational understanding of who Jesus is. He does not want there to be any misunderstandings. Clarity is of the utmost importance for the Colossians at this time because of the false teachings that were infiltrating the church.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION – EVERYONE: re-write the verse in your own words to reflect the universal truth that applies to everyone.
This states Jesus is outside of time as he was before all things. It also states that he is sovereign, because he is the one who holds everything together.

PERSONAL APPLICATION – PRESENT: what does this verse mean to you personally and how should you apply it today in the present.
As I move forward in my walk with Jesus, I must be doubly clear on who he is. I must require that truth of those around me too. It is important for me to be jealous for the truth of who Jesus is and not allow the postmodern world view of Jesus to be adopted by those who are my friends who claim Christ as their Savior. To uphold the Word and to uphold the majesty and true Godhead of who Jesus is, is a very important thread in my life.

TO MY READER: Share your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share your entire PEP so we can learn from each other. Blessings! ~ Jen

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