White Space Christian

Gone are the days when a friend can just pop over for a cup of tea to chat. Gone are the days when someone calls in need of help and you are actually home to help out. Gone are the days when a neighbor can come by for an egg or a cup of milk. Community is so important yet we are too transient to have a true tribe. Too many of us stuff our schedules full of things that seem important only to find out that we are never available to be the hands and feet of God. We are never there to help a friend in need or simply build a relationship and sit for a couple hours at lunch without checking your cell phone. Even as Christians, we overbook our week with Bible studies, small groups, kids groups, service projects, but we may never really stop to consider our actual community. While all those things are good, do you have time to do the things that really matter, like build relationships? One-on-one actual face-to-face relationships? Look at your calendar. Can you edit your life a bit? Find a little white space and expand it. Permanently. Simplify your life. The more white space you have on your calendar, the more available you will be to be the hands and feet of Christ. Become a “White Space Christian”.


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