The Grade School Christian

I often go to the “no no no” with my kid rather than the encouragement. I am learning. Looking back on my 2.5 years of being a Christian I can see God treating me differently than when I was brand new. I am still growing and learning and feel like I am just entering grade school so to speak. I was helping in my son’s second grade class this morning and I got frustrated with one of the disruptive little boys. I tried my best and then the teacher intervened. She was the perfect picture of patience, love, correction, and direction all at the same time. I joked that had she not gone into teaching she would have made a great lobbyist or politician. Point being, when we are very little, we need to hear a firm “no” from our teachers and parents, but as we grow, it is far more beneficial for us to learn to negotiate, mostly on our own, with encouragement and guidance from our Teacher. While God is no longer quick to spank me, I feel his tender patient guidance as he gives me a little more time to work through my sin and come to Him on my own in submission and repentance. He is allowing me the space I need to grow in my faith and through it I am learning to deepen my respect for Him. I am also becoming a better ambassador for Christ and a better mom to my 7 year old.

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