The Eternal Dot

Our lifetime feels like an eternity when we are 16. Then, all of the sudden you turn 40 and BAMB you are faced with the reality that your life on this earth is pretty much half way done. Hmmm. Where did the time go? Consider how CS Lewis describes eternity in a way that seems almost too simple yet in its simplicity it is so impressively profound. Take a roll of paper that your roll out for all of eternity. The roll just keeps going and going and going. There is no end. Then take a very sharp pencil and create a minuscule dot on a part of the roll. Just one tiny dot. Now take a moment and consider that dot. That dot represents TIME. It represents all of time as we know and understand it to be. Time as we know it began with God’s word, creating the world and us. We are living within that time. Someday soon the notion of actual time will end and we will be ushered into eternity. Our time-wrapped up minds can scarcely fathom what that concept is even concepting about. We have zero reference point. Even the illustration CS Lewis gives with the pencil dot will be lacking once we understand eternity from the other side of the grave. I can tell you this, I am 100% confident in my hope for eternity. I am excited to get there and this short blip called my life, while interesting to say the least, will someday be an extremely extremely EXTREMELY long distant memory.

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