Shine Bright Like a Turd

OK, the title needs some work, but you get what I mean. Turds don’t shine. Poop in all its glory is the antithesis of shining bright. It would be ridiculous to try to shine poo. But isn’t that exactly what we are doing when we are focused on the things of this world? We are just shining the poo. Yes, this world is beautiful, but realistically when we desire after that new car or want to remodel our kitchen, is that the best use of our time? As believers God calls us to a much higher calling. Sure, you may need to have some creature comforts, but consider checking your motives. It is said those who are too heavenly minded are no earthly good but it is the opposite that is true. Those who are most heavenly minded are the ones who do the most earthly good. CS Lewis put it well when he said, “Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in’: aim at earth and you will get neither.”

So, stop shining the poo. Set your eyes on Kingdom building and you will do well on this earth with a prepared heart and soul for the riches of the diamond shining bright that is our blessed Heaven.

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