To Rewrite Who God Is can be Catastrophic

Today is my birthday. Not my first birthday, but my second. The day of my salvation. What a huge blessing to be a child of God. Even though I am one of God’s children, I must always have a reverent fear of Him. He is an all consuming fire. The manner in which many come to him today is deplorable. The awe and reverence that priests would have when they went into the holy of holies was so intense and now I fear the pendulum has swung too far the other way. There needs to be in me an equal understanding of awe, reverence, and fear along side of admiration, devotion, and friendship. To place God in the “He’s my dad” box or “He is my friend” while true, if that is the only way we see Him can be fundamentally and salvifically catastrophic. I hope and pray that my view of God would be a high and respectful view but that that view would grow in wisdom and understanding with each and every passing day. I pray that the world would also start to view God in light of what the Bible (the WHOLE Bible) teaches rather than what we as man have rewritten him to be in our own minds.

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