My Faith is a Ladder of Logic

My unbelief gets the best of me at times. I become a “doubting Thomas” as they say. It is so sad for Thomas to have that label but so many many of us can relate to him most. We are stubborn and have this built in desire to not be duped. What is that? Is it because of the fall? Is it because we were so utterly duped that the fibers of our being detest that ultimate shame that comes when we know we have been duped? Possibly. Our Pride? We desire to be “in the know.” We are a people who desire glory. We want to feel justified. But then the Holy Spirit inside me reassures me and confirms me. I AM SAVED! My faith is built on a ladder of logic. It is not blind. It is as real, if not more so, than anything in this world. Jesus deserves more of me. Jesus deserves ALL of me. All I ask for is more faith. An abundance of faith. Every day please add to me faith.

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