Hallowed be Your Name

“Hallowed be your name.” How often do you pray about this? Holy be the name of YHWH. Jesus was asking us to ask first and foremost that the name of God be holy because clearly on this earth at his time and even today it is not. God’s name is slandered everywhere and everyday by most everyone. Even his saints! If we only knew what we were saying! If we only fully understood the gravity, the weight of his name. See Matthew 6:7-14

LORD, continue to heighten my view of you. Continue to show me just how mighty and perfect and powerful and big and HOLY your name is. You ARE! Our actual idea of who you are is like a single drop in the entire ocean and even that is probably too small of an analogy. HOLY HOLY HOLY. Help me to see who you are and live in light of that awe-inspiring fact.

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