Flip it on its head

How easy is it for us to love those who hate us? What about just someone who wronged us. I was having dinner with my husband and he said something quite mean. In fact it was so mean and hurtful and so very out of character for him that I had to get up and walk upstairs to our bedroom with tears streaming down my face. He did not realize that what he said cut me to the core. I was hurt and I was mad. With each step I took as I headed up the stairs I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at me. “Bless your husband.” That is all I heard in my head over and over again with each step until I reached the landing. I had a choice. I could drown out the Holy Spirit with my own selfish anger, or I could simply obey. I am glad I decided on the latter. I cleaned his side of the room, folding clothing and dusting his dresser. In doing so it was I who obtained the blessing. My heart changed. My hurt changed. My perspective changed.

Even though my husband is not my enemy, by a long shot, those who are closest to us have the unique ability to hurt us the deepest. Has anyone hurt you recently? Have you been wronged by someone? Flip your normal reaction on its head and think about how you can bless them. Really bless them in an outwardly palpable way.

See Matthew 5:43-48

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