I don’t think I want to be a Christian anymore…

“Christian” meant “little Christ” in the days following Jesus, and as Jon said in his post, it was meant as a slam on the people of that time. I agree that the word is now thrown around with little to no meaning. I personally would love it if it’s original meaning still applied. It is kind of like being called a “Jesus Freak”. I had a conversation the other day with a friend who said he did not want to be labeled as something like how Ellen is a Lesbian Comedian or Obama is a Black President and I instantly thought, what an honor to be labeled as a Jesus Freak. Jen O’Sullivan is that Jesus Freak Photographer. Love it!

big fog

But let me explain…

I’ve been really struggling with what it means to be a “Christian” and what that looks like in this world. A few things have been deeply resonating within me that have brought me to this conclusion…

Did you know, the term “Christian” is only used 3 times in the bible? And the term “Christian” is used in a derogatory fashion towards other believers. Beyond that, Jesus never called his followers “Christians” and nobody else in the bible called themselves (or referred to other followers of Jesus) as “Christians” with the exception of Peter, but his reference was to those who suffered under the persecution. Jesus and the other believers simply called each other disciples or brothers & sisters. But that isn’t really the big issue…

I have realized that the term “Christian” has become increasingly diluted and that anyone who wants to say they are a…

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