Thursday Theology at its Best ~ Dr. Mike Fabarez on “The Harsh but Good News”

“Many in modern Christianity have opted for a kinder and gentler version of the gospel message. This may be well-intentioned, but unfortunately it is a disastrous mistake that can cause irreparable harm to those who we seek to “win” for Christ. John the Baptist certainly didn’t attempt to soften the gospel. His bold and forthright approach may seem out of place in our “don’t-hurt-anybody’s-feelings culture,” but Jesus hailed him and his ministry as the greatest ever.” – Pastor Mike Fabarez

Title Passage Date
Why “As You Are” Can’t Stay That Way (Part 1) Luke 3:1-6 January 27, 2013
Being Sure to Move from Creeds to Deeds (Part 2) Luke 3:7-14 February 03, 2013
The Gospel’s Assault on the Egocentric (Part 3) Luke 3:15-16, 22-23 February 17, 2013
Loving Enough to Tell the Truth about Hell (Part 4) Luke 3:17-20 February 24, 2013

For more encouraging sermons go to Compass Bible Church or Focal Point Ministries.

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