Tuesday Teaching & Training ~ Jon Brown on Control

By Guest Blogger, Jon Brown

Don’t you hate it when things are OUT OF CONTROL in your life? I do. I often wonder why God allows such haberdashery… True, I tell myself that He has his reasons, that He really does love me, that He has my best in mind, but that’s where the rub lies… Why do I still struggle with being out of control if I believe all those things about God? Enter, the human condition…

I’m human, your’e human, and quite frankly, it sucks. As a human, I’m a fallen being with all kinds of self

ish desires. I want things the way I want them, how I want them, when I want them and it doesn’t matter why I want them, I JUST WANT THEM! My guess is that aside from some pinnacles of light that eclipse your selfish heart, you also struggle with being human.

I feel like a kid in the grocery store demanding Captain Crunch, only to be left with Cheerios. Can’t they at least be honey-nut? But what’s good for me is not always what I get. And when things are out of control, it gives God the perfect opportunity to show himself to me.

So here’s the challenge… When something is out of control, give it to God! Let Him show up in your life. But there IS a huge caveat… God wants us to do the VERY BEST we can, and then leave the rest up to Him. For example, if you don’t have a job, it doesn’t mean saying, “Well God, I’m just going to sit here on my {expletive} and wait for you to bring me a job…” That’s not wisdom, that’s laziness. But THAT my friends is another post for another time. I think you get my point. It’s leaning on God when things are TRULY out of control and out of our hands.

So give it up. Quit trying to figure it all out. Rest in God. Rely on God. And, tell Him that He’s in charge, and your’e not! I promise you one thing… God LOVES showing up in our impossible situations… Nothing is beyond God’s control…. Nothing…

~ Jon

Tuesday Teaching & Training ~ Jon Brown on Inconvenience

By Jon Brown

Don’t we all just hate being inconvenienced? Someone needs a ride unexpectedly and you don’t feel like taking them… A friend asks for a few bucks, but you’ve only got a few left… You get that phone call that he or she just broke down on the freeway, but you’re late for work… We’ve all had those moments where inconvenience is what we dread the most.

But what happens when we expect the unexpected… when we accept that inconvenience is not only going to happen, but we embrace it?

We grow… We grow as friends… We grow in our love for others… We show people God… And the best thing… We find that inconvenience is nothing short of an incredible blessing shrouded by our own selfishness.

Friends, be willing to be inconvenienced. You will find that God uses you far more than you ever imagined. And just think, you will be His hands and His feet in those most inconvenient yet precious moments…

Thanks Jon, for these great thoughts!

Maranatha! (Come, Lord Jesus!)

~ Jen