The Sin of Omission

“What if I don’t get the same conviction of sin when I’m supposed to do something but don’t?” RC Sproul defines these sins like this: “When we do what God forbids, we are guilty of a sin of commission; when we fail to do what God commands, we are guilty of a sin of omission. In both cases the law of God is violated.”

So when you sin by omission and get concerned about how you would even know if you sinned, that’s where sanctification comes in.

Here’s an example. I used to treat my parents with harsh disdain. I would correct my mom all the time and get into silly arguments with my dad. I felt I was right. Until a pastor taught me in a sermon that the verses on honoring your parents was written to ADULTS. 😳 

As an adult I am to honor my parents. So I just started. I spoke more kindly to my mom and dad. I asked them their opinion. I honored them and respected them because God asked and commanded me to not because they deserved it or I wanted to. Now my relationship with both is so pleasant. God has blessed me because of my obedience.

If God piled on us all our sins of omission I believe it would be far more than we could bear. It would stop us from moving forward at all. He gives us what we can handle. Slowly over time we grow. This is the blessing of sanctification. Can you share an example of a sin of omission that God revealed to you recently or during your life?

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