Undomesticating God Week 7 Video

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Show Notes

Study Guide Questions:



There are 5 main areas I have covered in this book to consider within your Christian walk. There are several more but many can be placed into one of the below categories. Such as service, discipleship, and sharing the gospel would all be under the Church Involvement chapter. This list is not meant to be a checklist, but more of an outpouring of your heart in service to the One you desire most. God is pleased with His kids when they are obedient just as we are with our own kids. He knows we are dust and knows we fail, but our motives and heart will be apparent in our desire to at least try to get it right.

The five areas are reading the Bible, studying the Bible, Praying, Praising God, and Fellowship (Church involvement which would include all areas of peopling).

John Piper, in his book God is the Gospel, posed an interesting question: in paraphrase, if you knew Heaven would be perfect in every way based on your own mind and hearts desire but Jesus (God) wasn’t there, would you still want to go?


What is tradition to you? What are some traditions or habits in your own life? List some out?

Are any of those traditions or things you somehow must do that may not even be in the Bible? Have we become more superstitious? Wearing a cross necklace, checking off lists, praying at every meal, ending prayers a certain way, sitting in a certain seat at church?


Read: hard for many, but important to be obedient.

Study: hard for many, but important to be obedient.

Pray: hard for many, but important to be obedient.

Praise: hard for many, but important to be obedient.

Church: hard for many, but important to be obedient.

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