Undomesticating God Session Five Video and Show Notes

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Show Notes:

Fear and Anxiety

Study guide questions: https://holyjustlove.com/2020/03/15/undomesticating-god-session-5/

Please join us for our weekly devotional and discussion on YouVersion. It is called “Growing in Holiness” by R.C. Sproul. Here is the link.



Talking Notes:

Fear and anxiety are a tool to heighten your sanctification. Sanctification starts with love, is sharpened by discipline, and is sparked by God’s mercy and grace.

Sanctification, the process of becoming more like Jesus, is shown in two ways: how we honor and bring glory to God with all that we are, and how we love others.

How are you loving others through this uncertain time? Are you focusing on yourself and your needs or are you loving others well?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is…

  • Patient
  • Kind

The Eight Nots

  • Not envy (inward focused)
  • Not boast (inward focused)
  • Not arrogant (inward focused)
  • Not rude (outward focused)
  • Not insist on own way (outward focused)
  • Not irritable (outward focused)
  • Not resentful
  • Not happy about wrongdoing

Positive Mindset

  • Happy with truth
  • Bears (supports)
  • Believes
  • Hopes
  • Endured all things



Discipline sharpens us. It is a form of God’s love for us. He disciplines His kids.

Forms of God’s discipline?

It depends on who it is. I only have one child, but as a teacher I knew some kids needed gentle discipline with clear instructions while others needed firm discipline with clear consequence. If you have multiple children you know of each of your own children respond differently to various forms of discipline.

How does God discipline you in clear and unmistakable ways? Do you understand how it is a form of love that helps you grow in sanctification?

God’s glory is a perfect balance of His wrath and love. Through Jesus we are given mercy instead of the deserved wrath of God. Because of the outpouring of God’s love we also get an abundance of gifts through His grace in the form of love. We get all the riches of eternity with God.

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