Colossians 1:8 Inductive Study

Colossians 1:8

Read all of Colossians, the entire short book, everyday before you dissect the daily verse or passage. Today’s passage is Colossians 1:8

Colossians 1:8 ESV

and has made known to us your love in the Spirit.

PAST: answer what this verse meant to the original recipients in the PAST.
In context of who Paul is writing to and who he just mentioned (Epaphrus) it is fitting for Paul to give the reader a connection point. He is commending them on their love in the Spirit. This would have had a great impact on those reading this letter. Love is one of the key elements to the gospel message and Paul is giving rightful credit to the fact that love is obtained only when in the Holy Spirit.

EVERYONE: re-write the verse in your own words to reflect the universal truth that applies to EVERYONE.
Love is not something we are good at on our own. We must plug into the Holy Spirit (God) as our Source.

PRESENT: what does this verse mean to you and how should you apply it today in the PRESENT.
This reminds me that while human love is possible, and very real, the love that comes from God through His Holy Spirit is something that far surpasses all other types of love. It is the true love that Jesus asks us to love one another in. Not with, but in. Being in something means being surrounded by it. My human desire is to try to love others on my own and that always fails. When I plug into the Source and surround myself with Him, it is only then that the unthinkable happens: I begin to truly hurt for those who have hurt me. I begin to have compassion on those who are angry, and who have done harm to me. I pray for vastly different things when I am in the love of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus!

TO MY READER: Share your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share your entire PEP so we can learn from each other. Blessings! ~ Jen

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