New Spring Seasons Prayer Journal is HERE!

My heart is that I want to help you pray more this year! Would that be good with you? Prayer is such an important part of my life. I have put together a wonderful prayer journal that we can all work through together. This one is my favorite so far. They are priced at just a couple dollars above the cost to create them on Amazon (only available on Amazon) and 100% of the proceeds goes towards mailing free Bibles to those in need. I can’t wait for you to dive into this new journal!
The Seasons Spring Prayer Journal is a 12 week guided prayer journal that focuses on God’s redemptive plan along with a personal daily calendar section and meeting/sermon notes section. In the Prayer Journal section, every 7 days the weekly theme will change, bringing you a daily bible verse leading you through the story from who God is, to the perfect life of Jesus and the sacrifice He made, to your salvation through grace alone by faith alone, to the Holy Spirit, fellowship, and our duty to the world as Christians. It is encouraged to memorize each verse as you move forward. By doing this you will effectively be able to share the full gospel message using scripture alone. The weekly themes are as follows: God is the Creator, God is Holy, God is Just, God is Love, God is Merciful, Jesus Paid the Price, Turn & Trust in Jesus, Saved by Grace Alone, The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Church Community, and The Great Commission.

Which one is your fave? I like them both. 😀 A friend of mine had a great idea: she is working through two of them. One she uses in the morning for one area of her personal life and one she uses in the evening to work through prayer for others. Such a great idea!

To get yours:
Full Color Version: BUY HERE
Monochrome Version (no color inside): BUY HERE

Take a look at how pretty this journal is! I recommend getting the color version, but the monochrome one is beautiful too!

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