Jesus Calling

My heart is broken for my sisters out there who have been lead astray by this massive series. Every single time I speak out against Jesus Calling by Sarah Young I get spiritually attacked and I expect to be again with this post. It has infiltrated so many homes and lives at a horrific rate. You may wonder, why the fuss. You may think it’s a good way to help people connect with Jesus. I understand where you are coming from but will lovingly and wholeheartedly disagree with it being something anyone should have in their homes. I’ll go so far as to say burn them all. Any copy in any form that you have from this series should be torn up and burned. Rather than go point by point as to why, it is better for me to direct you to a post done many years ago that shares exactly my feelings on this series. Thank you Tim Challies for breaking it down so well.

Be blessed by this my friend and know that the Bible is the only word of Jesus that you’ll ever need. 

2 thoughts on “Jesus Calling

  1. I have not heard of the ‘Jesus Calling’ books before, but coming from the Thomas Nelson publishing house, they are something I might have eventually read, but not for your post. I tend to trust certain “Christian” publishers when choosing books to read. Unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy any more. Thank you for this post, Jen.

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