The Role of the Wife, The Role of the WOMAN

Our culture has gotten exceedingly smart, but on one topic it seems we have become confused. I realize my stance is not a popular one and I realize I am in the minority, but please consider the Truth of the matter. Women, if you are desiring to live a Biblical life, then I encourage you to shut out what our culture is saying we need to be. When the Fall happened, one of the struggles God gave Eve was that her desire would be for her husband. This has often been established to mean that we as women will struggle with wanting to BE LIKE our husbands: take on the authority role in the home, work a full-time job, and have our husbands take on more culturally acceptable roles such as helping with the kids and household duties. These are things our husbands are to do, meaning, THEY are to be the authority, THEY are to work the land (have a job that supports the family) and THEY are to desire US to be in charge of the household duties and kids.

OK, so how could this be possibly incorrect? A further look at the understanding of  women desiring after our husbands, could also mean that we would not only want to be like our husbands but we would also desire his approval. We would subconsciously make an idol of our husband! The confusion digs its heals in deeper when we look at how society wants us to “lean in” and partner in our roles. That our roles are somehow fluid and you as a human can do whatever you want as long as your partner is on board.

To my women friends out there who are tired, overwhelmed, depressed, and utterly beat down by your life at the moment, I challenge you to take a good look at your lifestyle. Have you bought into society’s view of womanhood? If you say no, you are a Christian and feel you are living as He asks but still find yourself beat down, are you focusing on the things God has asked you to focus on? Are you focusing on HIM? Are you doing the things he has called you to do or are you trying to please everyone else around you, such as your husband and your kids? Have you made an idol of them!?

I encourage you to read Proverbs 31 today. She was a strong woman! Respected! She even worked and purchased land. She was SMART! But take a look at her priorities. It is often said comparison is never a good thing, but in the case of the Proverbs 31 woman, I feel a lot more of us would do well to model our own life after hers. Those who know me, know I am an over-achiever. Before I was saved, I was exactly what society told me to be. I was good at it! I was terribly lost and terribly unhappy on the inside. Once Jesus got a hold of me, things drastically changed. Go back to basics, sister. Honor God! Honor your husband by being the beautiful creature God made you to be… a WOMAN! Value and uphold your differences and embrace them.

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