White Space and the Imaginary Trophy Case

I’ve chosen to live my life with a lot of white space. I see my friends rushing around like crazy people always busy busy busy. The idol of the American Soccer Mom is her family’s imaginary trophy case. Trophies such as: How many after school activities can my kids participate in? How many meaningful classes and programs can I fit into my life to show the world I have purpose? Forget keeping up with the Joneses, I want to be the Joneses. This seems like the battle cry, or rather exhausted sob, of practically everyone I know. Depression is rampant, child medication is necessary, and anxiety over a self-conceived world that is spinning dangerously close to the edge seems the norm these days.

I’ll have none of that, thank you very much. I’ll take lazy mornings reading and praying. Days spent in my most comfortable clothing working in a career that I’d do for free if I could. Enjoying long bike rides and talks with my best friend and husband. The ability to be home to emphatically greet my child as he rushes in the door from school to give me a big hug. Afternoons spent hearing about the happenings of the day and being read a night time story by my 8 year old. Being available to my community. Going to bed when I choose and sleeping like a baby without any stress of the days to come because I’m free. 

All this is because I look at all the white space in my calendar as a gift. That space is precious. It affords me peace. It allows me time to be able to help someone in need. Living counter to what culture has dictated I should be doing, allows me to do the things I want to be doing. Give yourself a little more white space this season. Look at every “yes” you want to commit to and reconsider it. Is it your best yes? Edit your life. Ruthlessly cut out the things that are not your best yes and fill up your calendar with as much white space as possible. Pruning can be painful, but the beautiful growth that occurs afterward is worth it!

One thought on “White Space and the Imaginary Trophy Case

  1. Love this. Loving my white space this season in life. Still need to find balance. Amongst the white space come silence from me. My white space provides me isolation from things/people during that white space. Provide procrastinating on connecting with the outside unles I am ‘outside’ the home/white space. I will get there. This is where Hod has me and this is where I need to be. Thank you Jen!

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