Swing that bat!

Anyone, no matter who or what they are, should be handed over to God for destruction if they are preaching a different gospel other than the one from Jesus. Paul, to the Galatians in chapter 1 verse 8, states, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Paul is holding this so seriously that he says that person should be cursed if he or she preaches a false gospel. Even if they are an angel from heaven. The idea behind being accursed is that the person would be handed over to God without any hope of redemption; they would be committed to destruction. This was a bold and harsh statement but it was the reality then and is the same reality now. 

Paul is my kind of person. He does not sugar coat things. He tells them the truth with boldness and shocking reality when needed. The letter to the Galatians is written with a sense of urgency and no time for pleasantries, and Paul’s eagerness to get his point across is intensified because of his love for them. He had a right to come at them with such power because he already built a relationship with them and knows that they know the Truth because he was the one who shared it with them. 

How often has our passion as Christians been right, however directed at the wrong people. I remember when I first became a Christian, I literally could have written the name Jesus on a bat and hit people over the head with it and that would have been less intense than what I was doing. I was so intense for Jesus and wanted everyone to know, but I was directing it at the wrong people, in the wrong way. Taking Paul’s direct approach would only work with people you have a strong relationship with and who already received the gospel of Truth. 

When I look at Christian’s today, the pendulum has swung drastically the other way. They take the world view of Christianity and apply it to their brothers and sisters in the church. They don’t judge. They don’t get involved. They don’t want to ruffle feathers. Take a play out of Paul’s playbook and find your courage! Be bold and speak up if necessary. If a sister is in sin, is in your church, and claims Christ, you have a duty to talk to her. We read Matthew 7:1 and think it applies to us but fail to continue to read on through verse 5. Read it now! Really. Go look it up, then come back… We are commanded to help take the speck out of our brother’s eye after first taking the plank out of our own. We misread this passage to simply mean we should leave it all alone. That could not be further from the truth!

The only way we are going to bring on a greater revolution is if we clean up our acts. Start reading the Bible thoroughly and often. Meet with a group of Christian friends with intentionality. Give each other permission to call each other out. Meet once a week and share a personal weakness. Become accountable to each other. I cannot tell you how often I meet with women who do not even know what to say when you ask them “How can I be praying for you this week?” It is as if no one has ever asked them that question before. It is too personal so they give you some general request for their child or their husband. Ladies! LET EACH OTHER IN! Share in one another’s burdens. Be each other’s strength as Christ has called us to do. Three chords are not easily broken. Do not forsake meeting together. Pray for one another. Be together, be one in Christ, be strong, and we will all fast become a modern day revolution giving glory and honor to Christ alone!

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