Just say “no” to the one trying to derail you

Sometimes we just need to get to the point. The letter to Galatia starts off very brief. Paul normally writes his greeting with listing who is with him. In this letter he simply states in 1:2, “and all the brothers who are with me, To the churches of Galatia:”. Some commentaries read into this to consider that he is very upset and not interested in pleasantries. Who knows for sure but based on the nature of the full letter this could be the case. The Galatians were off their rocker and Paul had no time to waste. He needed to rebuke them and get them off the false gospel they were following of works and onto the correct gospel he taught them at first, the one of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
Getting the general population to be misled is a primary goal of the devil. He has roamed this earth for thousands of years plotting and scheming. To say he is not a master mind at manipulation and misleading would be an absurdity. He has had plenty of time to perfect the art of deception. If Paul, 2000 years ago was writing in an urgent manner because his people had started to follow false teachings, you would think we would be all the more urgent in our imploring our brothers and sisters today to get reconciled to God. The opposite is true. It is a scary thing to consider even Christ’s own ambassadors may get sucked into Satan’s distractions and lead even us astray. Hold fast to what you were taught at the beginning. Remember your salvation. Remember your fire and passion for Christ. Don’t let that die. Don’t let others tell you that you are too bold or that you need to temper yourself. Fight for Christ. Learn all you can. Be the best advocate you can and say “NO” to the one trying to derail you.

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