Philippians 2:12 says to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  If we are called to work out something, that means to figure out results by taking action, by doing something. This is what the Greek word “katergazomai” means. It is a tricky word but when you see how it is used in Scripture in the other 23 times you will start to understand that it does not simply mean to “ponder” or “think” about something. If we are to do something about it and in that “doing” it will cause us “fear and trembling” then dare I say this is a serious thing we need to do?

If we look up what the Greek words for “fear” and “trembling” mean we find “phobos” and “tromos”. You can guess the root for “phobos” as we find it in our word “phobias”. When you understand how the Greeks used it, they usually meant it in a way that comes over a person physically. Like terror or something that is frightening and takes over our whole body. We “fear” so many things today that the word has lost its weight. I think the word “terror” may be better because it is more rich and accurate to how the Greek word “phobos” was used.

The Greek word for trembling is “tromos” which means “anxiety induced trembling” and also its root is found in the word “tremo” which means to be afraid. Going further, the primary Greek word that they are both from is “treo” which means to dread something or be terrified. These are powerful words! We are told to really dig deep and work hard in a very intense way to make sure we are saved.

My dear reader, I must warn you though, the devil is crafty. This is not a call to continually doubt your salvation. Oh, how he would love that! Our Fruit Audit has two purposes. It is a call to edify the church. If you are truly saved, taking the Fruit Audit will assure you and lift you up. On the contrary, if you are convicted, have feelings of guilt, or see your life as not bearing fruit, then by all means doubt your salvation. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict and convince you of your sin, righteousness, and yes, judgment. That is what you must dread. The power and holiness of God, that is what you must tremble before. Get right with God! See what it truly means to grow from the Source of Living Water.

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