Speculation in a Scary and Dangerous Thing

In the scholarly circles of men there is a buzz of speculation that tends to occur. Why and how things work that seemingly have no answer. Natural conundrums without explanation or reason. But when we get into scholarly debate and speculation on God, the sky seems to be the limit. Or is the sky the limit? Because when I begin to really contemplate God, my mind starts to hurt because it is somewhere out in orbit where I cannot seem to breathe.

So, I need to take a step back. To speculate on any answer that is not answered in the Bible is wrong. Dead wrong. God has revealed to us all he wanted to reveal to us. Of course the Bible cannot contain the depth and breadth of who he is or what his plan is. But here is where I get excited…

You know when you watch a movie, but not just any movie, but a REALLY good one? Those are the ones that when you get up from your seat you say to yourself and those around you, even perfect strangers, “WOW! I didn’t see THAT coming!” Somehow I think when I die, I will say that over and over again in wonder, joy, and awe. Wow, I never realized that is why… or Wow, I would have never thought THAT is who you were talking about… and on and on.

There are mysteries still that we will not know or understand until we are on the other side of eternity. What a glorious day to see my Savior’s face, and how fun it will be to look back on history with a crystal clear picture of God’s perfect and wondrous plan.

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