Little Cracks

Little cracks. Little fractures. So small you can hardly see them. But YOU can see them. You know they are there. My self wanting to be You. My self wanting to be right. My self wanting to be in charge. I give myself to You every day and then battle with You to try to nit pick it back. Then I end my day again in my bed asking for forgiveness. Sleeping. Then waking with resolve to give it all to You today, everything. Then the cycle begins again. Nit pick here nit pick there. My flesh unwittingly tries to take it back. Even though my mind tells me no. My heart even tells me no. My soul screams no. But it is my flesh that is waging war against me. My flesh wants deity. It wants what it cannot have. My soul is disgusted and even devastated by the strength of my flesh. But then my heart is renewed in an instant. In a flash. In a split of a split second. Because it remembers. It knows. It rests in the simple truth that You are Sovereign. You are LORD. You are MY God and nothing, NOTHING can separate me from you, not even my own meddling flesh. Oh happy day. Oh joyous day. What peace this brings to every fiber of my being, even to my flesh that becomes placated by your Spirit. What rest I find in You Jesus! What amazing peace, joy, rest, and love.

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