My Filtered Bubble

I live outside of eternity in a bubble of time. My life and everything I know is inside this bubble. But there is more, way more, that I don’t even know or understand. That unknown “world” is God and everything in Him. As CS Lewis puts it, imagine rolling out a huge scroll of paper that goes on and on and on in front of you and in back of you. Now draw a tiny dot. You might think you know where I am going. The dot is your life. No, CS Lewis represents the dot as time. Time as we know it is a tiny dot in the grand scheme of things. He is working everything out and has a beautiful plan. I am a new creation and am part of that plan. How it is that I am, is beyond me, but then again I am in the bubble. My filter is now the holes in the hands of my Savior. Everything in my life must be filtered through those holes. Lord help me to continually look to the cross and the gift of grace and peace you so graciously lavished on your child.

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