Purposefully Driven

Purpose. We all desire it. We somehow need it. We often times loose it. My husband has often accused me of trying to save the world at the expense of my own family. He is right in some regard but where he finds a weakness I find one of my biggest strengths. I am driven. Almost too much so. When I have a purpose there is really nothing anyone can do to stop me. It is when my purpose gets suddenly halted that I feel like I have failed. But I pray. I pray and pray and pray. I ask for clarity. I ask for understanding. I ask for wisdom. Asking for wisdom is a funny thing. It is not what you would expect. Wisdom is understanding God’s will. Not understanding our issues or circumstances. By simply resting in His sovereignty allows a great burden to be taken from my shoulders whenever I get “stopped in my tracks.” In reality, yes I am driven, but fully and wholly by God. Not on my own steam but on His. And guess what? His path, his direction, his tracks are WAY better than mine. What a blessing to know and be known by the Almighty God and Creator of the Universe!

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