Perfectly Planned Perspective

Jesus warns the two blind men he healed in Matthew 9:27-31 to not tell anyone what he did. He “sternly warned them.” There was no room to misinterpret his warning to them. So, what did they do? They turned right around and told everyone! What is the harm we might think? Why was it such a big deal? If Jesus healed my blindness I would want to scream his name from the mountain tops! Isn’t this precisely what he wanted? To spread his name and his good news?

Well, yes and no. Timing is everything. You see, these people were looking for a Messiah, a King to save them from their oppression. Yes, that day will come, but not until his SECOND coming. This was his first. While he needed people to spread the word, his first coming was for very specific reasons that even those closest to him did not fully understand until it was finished on the cross and even then they were confused until he rose from the dead.

This passage helps me to remember that my timing is not His timing. His timing is perfect and his perspective is perfect. It allows me the great ability to allow Him to take the pressure off of me because God’s plans are perfect and are underway. Hindsight is 20-20 and I long for the day when I see clearly all the things of history from his perspective.

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