A Thick Opaque Blanket of Blood

20150112-085215.jpgThere is no fault in you at all. No error, no defect. There is no person or being that even comes close to your holiness. You are eons above and beyond all that we know or comprehend about what it means to be holy. Your throne is comprised of actual praises. How beautiful is that. How incomprehensible. How incomparable. You are holy beyond measure. I am called to be holy because you are holy. How? Oh the dilemma! You made it perfectly easy by the blood of your Son. His blood covers me in perfect holiness. I am saturated in blood! It makes me clean. What a picture! Gruesome. Covered in blood. Why blood? Blood is our life. Blood is our health. Blood is our makeup. Jesus’ blood was perfect. Unblemished. Pure. Holy. His blood saturates, infiltrates, and completely covers with it’s thick opaque blanket. No longer can my spots and impurities and imperfections be seen by You, my holy God, because I am clothed by Jesus. By putting Jesus on, I am clothing myself in His blood. Holy perfect blood. Life giving and pure.

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