Immanuel, God With Us

Immanuel, God with us. Think about that for a second. God with US! That tiny helpless baby was God in the flesh. Fully God. Fully man. Amazing. He left everything that was lovely, pure, right, holy, true, and perfect; he left EVERYTHING to come to our broken fallen earth to be amongst broken fallen man. He came to everything that was detestable, impure, wrong, unholy, false, and imperfect to make things right again. What a blessing and honor it is to call Jesus our perfect holy God!

Matthew 1:23

One thought on “Immanuel, God With Us

  1. Amazing that He is always with us and always pulling for us to press on. He so deserves all of us. My resolution this year is to give Him my treasure, talents and time. Thanks for sharing your heart Jen.

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