Shining the Poo

This world is so infectious! It is like when your child wants something from you, they are relentless. To ignore them is to be a superwoman. There is no balance in this world as so many people think there is. There is no way to COEXIST as the bumper sticker says with all the religious symbols. It is clear in the Bible that if you are a lover of the world you cannot have the love of God. (1 John 2:15) You cannot have it both ways. This was what hit me so hard a couple years ago. I thought I was saved and then started looking at how I was living my life: chasing after money, bigger homes, nicer cars, upgraded kitchens, etc etc etc. These things are a waste of time. One of my good friends calls it “shining the poo.” That is all we are really doing when you really think about it. It is a funny turn of phrase but it makes sense. Compared to where we are going (if you are indeed headed for Heaven) then anything we love in this world is pretty much poo.

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