OMG = NOK (Not OK)

“OMG.” You see it everywhere in hashtags, on billboards, in texts, even on TV show title sequences. Can I tell you something? It breaks my heart. Seriously. Every time I see it or hear it, my heart crushes into my chest a little deeper. There are variations too on the same thing: Oh Em Gee, Oh My Gosh, Oh my God, Jeez, Jesus, they all stem from the same deplorable thing: breaking the third commandment. This is not a joke. It is a serious thing. Taking the LORD’s name in vain should not be a product of the time we live in. Be clear on this, it is a product of the deceptive design of Satan.

I am going to bring up something now that might be controversial. I will not apologize. I love you too much for that and too much is at stake. You may have been a Christian for a while and gotten desensitized to this. It is possible that this is not an issue for you because it never occurred to you that it is considered a sin (one of the top 3 by the way). But maybe, just maybe you are not fully saved. OK, now before you get defensive consider this: I spent 25 years thinking I was saved. On this topic I pretty much steered clear of saying “Oh my God” but occasionally I’d say it. Jeez was a regular statement for me. Then, I actually got saved. I was 39. Instantly my spirit was crushed every time I heard or saw any of the phrases taking the LORD’s name in vain. It was like the moment you decide you want to have a baby all you see are babies everywhere. It was all I could do to stop my ears. No one told me this, it was the Spirit inside me that was grieving what my own spirit never grieved before.

I am not saying that you personally are not saved if you say or use any of those statements, however I kind of am. Check yourself. While I am not God and I clearly do not have it all worked out I do know the God’s law is written on my heart and without any warning or theological training, this specific thing was so palpable written on my heart when I got saved and still is that I cannot help but think it should at least be viewed as a red flag and worth digging deeper to see if you are truly saved.

4 thoughts on “OMG = NOK (Not OK)

  1. I am guilty of Oh my Gosh convicted by your post, cleansed and wiped clean to start anew. Thanks for your transparency and being available and useable to bring our High and Exalted King Glory. Love you Jen

  2. Wow Jen, this really is a BIG eye opener… As I send my apologies, and ask for forgiveness, I have been guilty of using the OMG, but as in meaning oh, my gosh, never intending to be using Our Fathers Name. But I guess I did not think gosh, had to do with His Name, or being used in vain. I do literally cringe to the bone if I ever hear Our Fathers Name used in vain. I will actually look up, and ask Our Father to forgive them, for they must not know what they do, and I pray for them. Now I feel I must repent, and try very hard to not use that anymore. Thank you sister, for the enlightenment on this. Prayers and blessings always !!!

    • Thanks for this! Part of the main issue for me is the potential to cause someone to sin. While one person might see it as Oh My Gosh or Goodness, someone else might say in their head the bad one. So my thought is let’s not use it at all. 🙌🏻

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