I can’t feel my toes and my head is spinning

I sit here in full astonishment wondering how I managed to let this happen again. Candy Coma. Full, complete, debilitating candy coma. It’s a few days after Halloween and each day I have tried a different tactic to help control my total lack of self control over Halloween chocolate. Day 1, Halloween Day: Buy all the bags of chocolate that I love and promise that I won’t eat any. Proceed to the car, place bags in car, and promptly pull out a piece. Just one. By the time I make it home (5 minutes later) I have eaten 4 more. By the time my son gets home from school (30 minutes later) there are only 7 left in the first large bag of peanut butter cups. This is not an exaggeration but the actual truth. I tell myself, just today. Tomorrow I will go on a juice fast. Day 2: Full just fast starting at 8am. Break Juice Fast at 9:30am. Don’t all those phytonutrients counteract peanut butter cups? Ok, so I’ll skip lunch. Day 3: Getting tons of work done on my iPad with my son’s rapidly declining bag of candy within arms length. My plan of action: eat it all because the quickest way to rid yourself of food that is bad for you is to eat it, right? or does the saying go “throw it down the garbage disposal”? …
anyhow, I can’t remember so I’m going for the former.

So, I have candy coma. I don’t think I can feel my toes at the moment and my head is spinning and I’ve totally done this to myself. So, what does this have to do with God? I am going to pay for my massive candy ingestion with a week full of addictive cravings to chocolate and migraine headaches that I will have to manage with small doses of caffeine. Why is this a problem? Why is anything we eat a problem? For me, if it causes me to have a lack of motivation, lack of focus, and lack of confidence, then that all translates into me being a tool God won’t use. He has a benched player that has sidelined herself. I am an ambassador that is unable to do her job. What we eat plays such an important role in our attitude and energy level that I wonder why we no longer take seriously the act of fasting. Fasting helps us to focus on God and not our bodily needs. It reminds us that when we feel the pangs of hunger that God is in control and we are not. It helps our mind to tell our body that God is more important. However from a nutritional standpoint, fasting is also a way of cleaning out our physical vessel. It is self-discipline in an effort to correct sin behavior. Take a moment to look at your own food portfolio and consider cleaning out both your pantry and your body of the things that take you out of the game and away from the goals of Christ.

One thought on “I can’t feel my toes and my head is spinning

  1. I love all your transparent shares Jen, it is that fruit of the Spirit we all struggle with “self control” The Holy Spirit is our helper in all areas especially with discipline 🙂

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