A Prayer of Forgiveness

Forgive me for sinning against your Spirit. Forgive me for always having such a lack of self-control. Help me and convict me, Holy Spirit to live in a manner worthy of you. Help me to walk by you and to put Jesus on, always. I am so sorry for making a spectacle of myself in what seems like every situation. Forgive me for always ALWAYS needing to say my thoughts. Forgive me for not being a good listener. Forgive me for having such a lack of patience. Forgive me for my pride. Please, Holy Spirit teach me to be patient like you. Teach me to be a great listener like you. Teach me to have self-control like you. Teach me to be modest like you. Teach me to be humble like you. Teach me to be holy like you. Teach me to bridle my tongue like you. Teach me to be of you and not of this world. You are who I need to walk by every second of every day. Please forgive my insatiable humanity that always wants its way, always wants things now, always needs to get the last word in, always bites at me moment by moment for attention. You are my strength. You are my hope. You are my deliverer. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Forgiveness

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  2. He is teaching you through this prayer He is gifting you with transparency and encouragement as this encourages me. This reminds me of some of the prayers from the ‘Valley of Vision” I keep these in my prayer journal….very cleansing, humbling and keeps me on my face before Him. As Pastor Mike states in his new book, we deserve nothing yet He shows us His kindness and everything we are blessed with is considered gravy and His Grace. These are not his exact words but something like it. Love you Jen

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