Jumping in God’s Lap?

I fear too many of us live our lives just above what we consider the status quo. We just barely keep our heads above water some days while other days we find ourselves doing nothing at all. We live in a world of an “all or nothing” mentality. This is not what God intended for us. He built us with eternity in our hearts. He built us to long after Him! I encourage you to take a moment today. Not for yourself, as the world would tell you to do, but for your Maker. Take a moment. Take a breath. Take a long breath and realized the gravity of the simple fact that you are even aloud to take that breath. Consider who God is and place him in his rightful place. Consider who you are and put yourself in your rightful place. As my pastor, Dr. Mike Fabarez likes to say, You are not God’s partner, He is not your co-pilot. Jesus is not something to “try” as the popular bumper sticker says “Try Jesus.” He is the Almighty Sovereign God above all the universe and when you meet him you won’t jump up in his lap or give him a bear hug. No, your face will be firmly planted on the floor in humble profound adoration to your Maker and your God. The moment you begin to shift your perceptive on who God is and humble yourself to a much higher view of God than you already have is the moment you will begin to worship God they way he deserves to be worshiped.

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