My Ever-Infiltrating Humanity ~ A Prayer

You are just. Thank you for your intense forgiveness that is so undeserved. I am selfish and always wanting my way now when for certain your way is better by far, if only I would have faith and patience. Forgive me for my grievous lack of both. You are good and kind and just. I am glad you are just. I deserve to melt away continually in hell. Oh YES I do. As much as my flesh wars against me, telling my I am not that bad, and really, I of all people deserve eternal damnation to rot in hell never to be consumed by its never ending fire? Little me, who is so good to everyone and tries so hard to help others? Really? I deserve such pain and torment that I would be gnashing my teeth constantly? YES! I am offensive to God. Fully offensive to God. Even the smallest skunk is offensive to man, what makes me think that I should be loved. What makes a single worm think that a human should love it. Yet here I sit, covered by the blood of Perfection. God sees His blood and not my ever-infiltrating humanity. God sees His perfection and not my putrid sin. God sees me, cleansed and white as snow because of what Jesus did on the cross. He chose me and I have now turned from my selfish arrogant life and now trust in Him and have faith in Him and follow Him. I ask humbly for forgiveness of my thinking I do not deserve Hell. I am not good. Even my righteousness stinks to You. But I will be righteous because you call me to be righteous. I will be holy because you call me to be holy. I will do whatever you want whenever you want wherever you want because I am committed.

2 thoughts on “My Ever-Infiltrating Humanity ~ A Prayer

  1. God loves a repentant heart, and He also notices our sanctification progress and every attempt to please Him. He also knows we are in these fleshly bodies and the battle we are in fighting to choose right. We just need to Press On and be Joyful in our sanctification progress. Joy in all circumstances is what the outside world needs to see. Joy and contentment is what everyone needs to see who crosses our path. “For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be ontent”Phil :11b. “Regeneration is a birth; the center and root of the personality, the Spirit has been renewed and taken possession of by the Spirit of God. But time is needed for its Power from that center to extend through all the circumference of his being.” by: Andrew Murray

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