Fruit Audit – Are you Allergic to Sin?

To sum things up from the post on being a lawbreaker, remember at the beginning I stated “I used to be such a lawbreaker.” The important phrase in that sentence is “used to be”. OK, no, I am not perfect, however, now that I am a child of God, the Holy Spirit literally dwells inside me. Every time I mess up or break a law, aka sin, my heart instantly tugs at me. I am instantly convicted by the Holy Spirit. Did you know that convicting us of sin is one of his jobs? He came to convict us of sin, righteousness, and judgement. John 16:7-11 It is a pure wonder and something that takes some getting used to. The best way I can describe it is I now am allergic to sin. If you have allergies this will make sense. Sure, I can play with a cat, but I will pay instantly if I touch my eye and I will pay in the long run with itchy skin if I play with the cat for a while. This does not mean I don’t ever touch a cat. I just know what will happen and it is very uncomfortable. There is no controlling the reaction I have. It is the same with the Holy Spirit. He convicts me on the spot every time, and like playing with a cat, his conviction is very uncomfortable. It is wild, and awe-inspiring, and now I FULLY understand why he is called our Helper.

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God’s Law is Written on My Heart


Introduction: Have Your Ever Taken a Fruit Audit?

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