God asks the impossible and provides the impossible

What a beautiful read in Genesis today of the would-be sacrifice of Abraham’s only son! Oh how Abraham must have felt yet he still obeyed. It is written so plainly but I know, as a parent, the agony he must have went through let alone the possible and probable damage done to his relationship with his son and wife. His son Isaac was a longed-for only son for 100 years. Could you imagine trying to have children your whole life and never having any. I know of friends who have tried for 10 years and then gave up. Abraham and Sarah then miraculously conceive when they are old and beyond the age of conception. One child. Can you imagine the energy and uplifting of that one child? The celebration over this miracle baby? And then Yahweh asks the impossible of Abraham. What faith in Yahweh! Yahweh, I pray that I too would have that kind of faith in you. Even just a small percentage. Help me to always trust that you will provide, always, in everything!

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