Monday Modern Parable ~ The Plant

Plant ParableI recently moved a plant to a new location near a sunny window. Of course I wanted to see the beautiful leaves so I turned it toward me. After a day I noticed the leaves had all turned toward the light. So, I turned it back. I sat there for about 10 minutes watching it. Nothing. I left and came back after several hours. Sure enough the leaves were all turned again.

Sometimes in our walks with God we cannot see our sanctification. We want instant gratification. We want to see change before our eyes. Yes, occasionally we get to see change that smacks us in the face, but more often than not, our sanctification, our growth and turning towards God’s light is gradual to us. Ask a friend or a family member if you are changing and growing in Christ (our light). They will have a better perspective.

Paraphrased thought provided by Corinne Congelliere.

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