Halloween, a day to remember the gift of Jesus Christ?

Happy Halloween PumpkinMay this Halloween be a time of reflection. While it is considered a Pagan holiday, it does have some significance in Christian History. It was originally called All Hallow’s Eve or a day to remember the martyrs and the saints (aka hallows) who have gone on before us. So take a moment today and remember what the first and many subsequent Christians went through to give you and me the freedom to worship Jesus Christ. The mere fact that these men and women were martyred gives us great assurance in the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. People do not die for a lie. They die for the truth. Jesus is alive and we will someday see him again! Remember that on this supposed Pagan day and go out and celebrate with candy and fun costumes in remembrance of those who were martyred for our faith to bring Jesus’ truths to all creation and in celebration of the gift that is our Lord!

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