Wednesday Worship ~ The Creativity of God

Llama eye by Suren Manvelyan

As I look around I see a world full of God’s creation next to man’s. While that of man’s decays, God’s thrives and renews itself day by day. I see broken down fences next to glorious flowers; rusting gates coved by God’s glorious vines, cracked concrete near a glorious oak tree. The differences are striking and remind us of our broken nature compared to God’s perfection. Even in nature, man’s stale attempt at perfection through lined trees and squared off hedges are nothing compared to the organic beauty of God’s inspired rain forests or his majestic mountain ridge lines. We attempt to aspire to the perfection and the creativity of our God, but none can come close. Look at the works of Van Gogh or the music of Mozart and it is but a fraction of the beauty that is all around us. Look at the perfection of your hand, of your skin, your eye. The eyes of all who have eyes are intensely different from each other. Compare the eye of the lama to the human eye. Marvel at the wonder that was created by our God. How amazing is his works!

Llama eye by Suren Manveliyan

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