Blessing God ~ Two by Two

Two by Two“Two by Two”

And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two,
– Mark 6:7

When we think of evangelism we often think of the guy standing on a box shouting like a crazy man to get people to listen to what God has to say. Did you know that is not the way Jesus intended people to preach his word? He gave us many examples of how we, as his disciples are to witness to others. We are to shine our light into the darkness, to witness by example, and when we go out he encourages us to not be alone but to go out together so we can support each other. Two by two is his call. Is there a friend that can pray with you and support you and possibly go out together to witness to friends in your community? You will be surprised at how God blesses you when you follow his insights, commands, and directives and not your own.

~ Jen

Photography by Jen O’Sullivan

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Two by Two

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